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The Brookes/Brooks Families of Herefordshire

I've spent many years researching my own Brookes family in Herefordshire, making the occasional note of other Brooks or Brookes, but not paying them much attention. A few years ago, a DNA test indicated that our Brookes family was related to a hitherto unknown Brooks family with descendants in the USA. This set me on a quest to link up the two families, so I started searching the Herefordshire records for Brooks/Brookes references. While still no closer to finding the connection I was looking for, I started to build up a large amount of information about other Brook(e)s families. So in the hope that this information might be of use to someone out there and that maybe in turn someone can help me find my "missing link" I thought I'd start putting some other Brookes trees up on the Peasants to Puddles website.

So from this page you can find links to some of the Herefordshire Brook(e)s families I've researched so far. I've named each family after the main village they originated from.

Brookes of Mordiford
Brookes of Eye
Brookes of Tarrington
My own Brookes family
USA Brookes family

If you've not found your Brooks/Brookes family on my pages, why not have a look at the Brooks One Name Study website - packed with information on the surname for families all over the country:

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