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The following is a timeline for the period of family history covered in this website. It (hopefully) helps put the events in my family's history into context with some of the much bigger events of British history of the time.

Henry VIII accedes as King of England.1509
Elizabeth I accedes as Queen of England.1558
1575 Richard Rowberry marries Izott Smyth.
Drake circumnavigates the world.1580
1594 Humphrey Rowberry born.
Death of Elizabeth I.
Accession of James I (VI of Scotland).
Gunpowder plot.1605
Mayflower sails from Plymouth.1620
1621 Humphrey Rowberry marries Maria Browne.
Charles I accedes to throne.1625
1631 John Rowberry born.
Charles I beheaded.1649
1663 Thomas Rowberry born.
Great Fire of London.1666
1669 John Corbett born.
Massacre at Glencoe.1692
1705 Thomas Rowberry born.
Act of Union.1707
First Steam Engine.1712
1722 Lancelot Corbett born.
Battle of Culloden.1746
1751 George Rowberry born.
1767 James Corbett born.
American War of Independence begins.1775
1794 George Rowberry signed his covenant settlement.
1795 William Rowberry born.
1796 William Shepherd married Elizabeth Whittington.
Union with Ireland.1801
Battle of Trafalgar.1805
Abolition of Slavery in Britain.1807
1817 Charles James born.
First public railway - Stockton to Darlington.1825
1829 James Rowberry born.
1832 Sarah Ruck marries William Rowberry.
Queen Victoria accedes to the throne.1837
1838 Thomas Brookes born.
Great Exhibition.1851
1869 James Brookes born.
1873 Sarah Ruck dies.
Albert Edward Rowberry born.
Jack the Ripper at work in London.1888
1899 Alfred Rowberry born.
The Boer War starts.1899
1900 Ethel Frances Brookes born.
Queen Victoria dies.1901
1905 Leslie James born.
1907 Dorothy Fraser born.
World War I begins.1914
Women over 21 given the vote.1928
1932 Brian Timothy Rowberry born.
1934 Pamela Lesley James born.
World War II begins.1939
Elizabeth II accedes to the throne.1952
1967 Nicola Frances Rowberry born.

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